Pioneering a Living Experience Amidst Jõelähtme Golf Greens

At the EGCC Golf Resort, nestled amidst the Jõelähtme golf course, we're not just building a golf destination but a transformative living experience. Located within the historical charm of the Rebala Heritage Reserve, our setting is drenched in history, nature, culture, and traditions - experiences that are truly unique to this region.

I dream of sculpting a space where golf isn't just a game; it becomes an essential part of an integrated lifestyle. Imagine a community where the rhythm of golf intertwines seamlessly with luxury amenities like a spa, a top-tier hotel, a museum capturing the essence of the game and its historical context, and much more. I have a clear vision and a roadmap to achieve it, resulting from the unique experiences and perspectives I've garnered over the years.

 I'm both a dreamer and a doer, a combination fueled by courage and unwavering resolve. I see the vast potential in the future of golf, imagining it as a significant cultural and social movement. Yet, I'm grounded, practical, and always ready to roll up my sleeves and turn dreams into reality.

Golf is Life. Life is Golf.

My passion for golf transcends the boundaries of the sport. For me, golf is more than a game; it’s a platform that allows me to cultivate relationships, innovate novel business models, and create a positive impact. This passion is not merely a business endeavor—it’s a metaphor for life. Golf, to me, seamlessly weaves together various facets of life—be it business, culture, history, or social interactions—creating a rich tapestry of meaningful experiences.

My vision

“I’m steering a 10-year vision that focuses on the second phase of development of our existing golf club and the subsequent expansion of our golf village. Slow and steady, one step at a time, house after another house, I complete my life’s work – building the EGCC Golf Resort. The result is a unique interpretation of life, which is possible only here. Gorgeous nature, golf courses, birds and animals, serenity and safety! “

Housing Expo

Housing Expo (Elamumess) is a showcase of modern architecture, interior design, technology, and sustainability in harmony with nature.

The EGCC Golf resort typically hosts 40,000 visitors a year.


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My current projects

Estonian Golf & Country Club


Golf World’s Top 100 X Factor Courses in Europe. Estonian Golf & Country Club, located only 25 km from Tallinn, is a 27-hole golf course that leaves no true golfer indifferent; the Sea course is located in a virgin forest, and the Stone course is located on a limestone plain among junipers and restored stone fences.


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mait schmidt

Golf Villas

The golf villages have been designed by different architects; however, they all take into account the same principles and the traditions of Estonian coastal villages. Every village has its own story, style, and character. We do not just offer houses; we provide a unique living environment that is safe, comfortable, and cozy.


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Investment opportunity
  • new golf course, design by Annika Sörenstam
  • tennis courts
  • spa
  • hotel
  • golf academy

A plot of land in Riga with an approved multi-apartment residential building project – 15 floors, 118 apartments, 84 parking spaces, 27 storage rooms.

Total building area – 8046 sq.m. Planned 1-5 room apartments. One of the rare plots in this area where it is still possible to build a 15-story building.

The plot, along with the project and building permit, up for sale.

Currently, it’s officially on sale for a price of 1.6 million EUR. A complete project and building permit are available, valid until 10.06.2026. I am willing to discuss building it or even joint development with a partner.


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EGCC Golf Resort is a unique living space in the middle of the Jõelähtme gold course. The history, nature, culture and traditions – characteristic to the Rebala Heritage Reserve, which the villages are a part of, are things only experienceable here. The distance from Tallinn city centre is only 23 km

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