From Skylines to Fairways: Building Legacy Beyond Bricks

I started as a builder. Beginning in 1983, on the grounds of construction sites, I began my journey as a foreman. Over the years, my passion for the industry and a relentless commitment to quality and innovation allowed me to navigate the multifaceted world of construction. Gradually, I climbed every rung of the ladder, leading me to the strategic boardrooms and culminating my career in 2017 as the Chairman at Bauschmit, which operated in Baltics and Finland. During this 34-year odyssey my teams architectural endeavors painted the skylines with over 400 unique structures. Every design choice, every brick laid was alsways imbued with one guiding principle: "We build it as if we were building for ourselves." Yet, like the ebb and flow of tides, even the most resilient face trials. Our construction company, faced its share of tribulations. Though it couldn't withstand the storm, the edifices it birthed stand tall, testament to a dream undeterred by challenges. These structures, now integral to the Baltic panorama, serve as reminders of great vision of our team, unyielding spirit and commitment.

Yet, with every crest of success, I've always found new vistas beckoning. As my construction journey reached dizzying heights, the green, serene expanses of golf courses began to call out to me more and more. What began as a casual hobby, soon morphed into a profound passion and a true calling. 

To many, golf and construction might seem poles apart, but to me, they were chapters of the same book. The same passion that drove me to sculpt city skylines now inspired me to craft unparalleled golfing experiences. It wasn’t just about shaping land but shaping memories, building a community, and kindling connections among fellow enthusiasts.


The transition from constructing architectural marvels to embracing the world of golf was less about changing tracks and more about evolving as a creator. Once, my medium was concrete, steel, and glass; now, it’s the pristine greens, strategic play, and the camaraderie of a game deeply rooted in tradition and spirit. 


Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve experienced the euphoria of great success as well as the painful depths of bankruptcy. Each step along this path has imparted invaluable lessons.

My tale is far from over. It’s the narrative of someone who is not just building big things, but also discovered profound meaning in the fairways and greens of golf courses. My legacy, I hope, will be seen not just in the skyline but in the heartbeats of those who share my passions. 


Today, I carry a clear vision, and I know precisely how to achieve it. Even my most challenging and painful experiences have provided me with a unique perspective and set of skills that many lack. I’m not just someone who dreams big; I turn those dreams into reality. I operate by the philosophy that “life is golf, and golf is life,” a testament to the idea that when you genuinely love what you do, no challenge is too daunting and no detail too insignificant.

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  • 2003-


    Chairman of the Board
  • 2009-


    Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • 2003-2009


    Charirman of the Board
  • 1978-1983

    Tallinn University of Technology

    Civil Engineering
  • 2012-2017

    Bauschmidt OÜ

    Chairman of the Board
  • 2001-2009

    EE Group

  • 1989-2002

    Eesti Ehitus AS

    Technical Manager>Division Director
  • 1983-1989

    Tallinna Ehitustrust

    Foreman>Chief Engineer
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