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How do you become a better person?

Many remember the bankruptcy of Estonia’s best construction company, OÜ Bauschmidt:) Some may know it was my most significant venture at that point, and I was proud of what we had built. This bankruptcy had a catastrophic effect on me, but miraculously… I managed to come out of it- stronger. In Western countries, entrepreneurs who have gone through bankruptcy are highly valued for the experience gained, but bankruptcy still carries a bad reputation here In Estonia. It’s been almost seven years since then…

As this year ends, I wanted to reflect and share how I have been doing since then. What have I learned from it? Have I changed?

HEALTH… In 2017, I also had major health problems and was repeatedly hospitalized. It took a whole year to move and live an everyday life again. After that, I went through the JOURNEY at the Holistic Institute. There, I understood many problems originating from my childhood, learned more about myself, and found explanations for several issues. I also started using the services of a medical masseur, and under his guidance, I maintained my body’s immunity and mineral levels.

BOOKS… There was much free time in the hospital, and I started reading even more than in previous years. Fortunately, this momentum has not passed. I have organized my life so that I almost always find 2 hours a day for reading. Just this year, I have read over 50 books. It’s an excellent habit. Naturally, you have to choose books that are smarter than yourself. Not only is what you read instructive, but even more so, what do these books do to you… I have regained confidence and courage and tried to change myself by reading books…..

DIFFICULT TIMES…. There were challenging years and tough times in between. But it turned out that we have a lot of hidden resources, and only difficulties bring them out. In a difficult moment, you are simply forced to think more; when you do, you always find the solution. Our abilities are much more extraordinary than we know. And through this painful process, we develop. Today, I look forward to difficult situations… I know they provide new experiences and teach something new.

THINKING… I have gone through this journey repeatedly and analyzed it over and over again. Today, I take much more time for thinking and don’t try to force anything. I am sure that everything happens at the right time if you stay true to yourself. I have also gone through my values and principles, but fortunately, I have kept them the same…and perhaps that is impossible when you are already over 60 years old.

Summing up this post-bankruptcy period, I feel I am much better today than before. Naturally, my close ones, friends, and colleagues can give the proper judgment…but your inner feeling is also significant. I am no longer broken and can work with passion again and create new values.


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